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The Management Services Wing is headed by the Additional Secretary-I of the Establishment Division who is assisted by seven Director Generals (BS-20) and one Deputy Secretary (BS-19). There are six consultancy units one Pakistan Public Administration Research Centre (PPARC) each unit is headed by a Director General (BPS-20)

According to the charter of Management Services Wing of Establishment Division is a Management Consultancy Organisation that provides free consultancy services to the Federal Government Organisations, in the areas of Management and Administration to facilitate these organisations in solving their management and operational problems. It is in line with the functions laid down in the rules of Business 1973 are given in the enclosed Annex-I. Its main office is at Islamabad and filed office is at Karachi and Lahore.

The Management Services Wing carried out the Management Studies/ Organizational Reviews of the government organizations to assess the manpower requirement, simplifications of system/ procedures, reorganizations of functional units etc. to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Since the improvement is a continuous process,  Management Services Wing, after 3-5 years also carries out the periodic reviews of the same organizations made in the earlier management/organizational studies and to modify the system and procedures where needed.

The PPARC is an Administrative Research side in the Management Services Wing which is responsible to introduce best administrative practices and to provide updated information in the form of manuals and publications and Federal Government census data for improved decision making in the Government. Since the beginning of the PPARC, the Centre has so far published five editions of Estacode; 1979, 1983, 1989, 2000 and 2007. The Edition of Esta-Code 2007 was consisted on Two Volumes. Volume-I is consists of eight chapters (1 to 8) and Volume-II consists of seven chapters (9 to 15). It was first time in the history of publication of EstaCode. It was published in two parts and specially the chapter of pension and Gratuity was excluded from EstaCode and published it separately in the shape of “A Manual on Pension Procedures 2006” by the PPARC. Now the PPARC has published the recent Edition of Estacode-2015 on 14-11-2016, the material in it is updated up to December 2016. Some distinctive features are added to Estacode-2015, like subject-wise text & contents, use of coloured chapter separators and alphabetical index with cuttings which makes it more-handy and distinguished it from its previous editions.

The Estacode-2015 is available at Establishment Division’s website www.establishment.gov.pk


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