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Finance Division vide Office Memorandum No. F. 3(6)Imp/2016-336 dated 01.07.2016 has allowed M. Phil Allowance @ 25% of the existing amount of PhD. D Allowance (i.e. Rs. 2500/- per month) with effect from 01.07.2016 to those who acquires/ possesses the degree of M. Phil recognized by the HEC subject to the condition that the said allowed will not be allowed to those who are already awarded PhD. D Allowance @ Rs. 10,000/- per month and those who have already derived the benefit of advance increments possessing on/acquiring M. Phil degree prior to 01.12.2001 under F.D. O.M. dated 18.08.1983.

Now, here a question arises whether those who acquired MS degree (which is equivalent to M. Phil) are also eligible to be allowed M. Phil Allowance. If we go through the order carefully, the finance division has specifically allowed this Allowance only to those who have M. Phil degree and the word “acquires/ possesses the degree of M. Phil or equivalent recognized by the HEC” is not mentioned in the order. Therefore, persons who have already acquired MS degree become ineligible for M. Phil Allowance. MS degree holders have also applied for said Allowance, the case was referred to Finance Division for clarification by mentioning the above mentioned facts.  The Finance Division in reply to clarification stated that the Finance Division’s O.M. No. F. 3(6)Imp/2016-336 dated 01.07.2016 has explicitly defined that all those who acquires/possesses the degree of M. Phil recognized by the Higher Education Commission (H.E.C) will be allowed M. Phil Allowance @25% of the existing amount of Ph.D Allowance @ (i.e. Rs. 2500/- per month) as per Cabinet’s decision. So far no other degree has been acknowledged as at par for grant of M. Phil Allowance.

The decision of Finance Division clearly stated that no other degree equivalent to M. Phil is considered for grant of M. Phil Allowance. Hence, majority of civil servants deprive of due to this decision having MS degree. Because now a day’s majority of Universities in Pakistan have stated BS and MS degree programme which are equivalent to M. Sc and M. Phil degrees respectively. The Higher Education Commission and Federal Public Service Commission are also recognizing BS and MS degrees equivalent to M. Sc and M. Phil degrees. Therefore, finance Division should recognize MS degree at par with M. Phil degree and should have been consulted with HEC before issuance of above mentioned order to save those who have MS degree as this decision of finance division provoke the civil servants knock the door of courts of Law to get their legitimate right.

All the civil servants who have MS degree are advised to prefer a departmental appeal to approach the Finance Division for rectification of said order, as this impugned order is against the clause 25 of Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


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